Money Weaver

With the Money Weaver project Giovanni Innella and I continued exploring the concept of Value. It was presented as part of #Transacting: A Market of Values, at the Chelsea College of Arts, London, July 2015. At the Money Weaver Stall, the visitor were asked to give two banknotes of £5 and get them shredded and then woven into one banknote.


The Money weaver explores the relationships among three elements: the material value of the things we buy, the value of the labour required to turn materials into products, and the cultural context in which products are traded takes place. The money weaver aims to visualize the economy generated by the cultural industry, its set of values and principles. In doing so it looks into the overlapping area between the ‘cultural’ and the ‘commercial’. The dynamics and mechanisms of the cultural industry are at times hard to decipher. Under a varnish of cultural values, the produced artefacts hide the agendas of several stakeholders. As a consequence, just like any other industry, also this cultural industry adopts processes and principles from capitalism and consumerism.

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